I was scammed by Marketspilot.com Big…

I was scammed by Marketspilot.com Big style i was in contact with them for more than 18 months me and the scammer big friends you would have thought. So and they took all my savings telling me the money is mine you just have to pay the tax bill this bill that bill and you will have the 2.7 million on the Bitcoin system which was a total scam system they cleaned me out. And it was on this Trustpilot system i found WRS and i got in touch Josh was my contact and he was totally honest in telling me the way they would go to find out if they can recover any of my money but unfortunately they could not at this moment in time.

So hopefully they will keep me in their files should anything change in finding these total thieves which are scamming hundreds of intersect people. So if you need any advice on any trading get in touch with WRS and they will put you in the correct way with your trading system.

Arthur Hunter

I reached out to WRS when i fell foul to an online broker…

They were very patient and understanding of my position and the team were fantastic in giving me advice and guidance. Unfortunately i didn’t get my money back because of the way i had paid them, but the advice was clear and also advised that whatever other companies say, they wouldn’t be able to help. Not the outcome i wanted, but could have wasted more money trying. So thanks, time to put it behind me and move on.

Darren Henderson

Thank you WRS!

After a very bad experience with an online share trading company. I contacted WRS. feeling very warey after my huge loss. My first contact was with Peter who explained how they worked which made me feel a little easier, I was then introduced to Wayne who remained with me all the way through the process of retrieving a sizable amount of my loss to whom I am eternally grateful, always available at the other end of the phone to help and advise me and and also communicate via email keeping me updated through the whole process, again Many thanks to Wayne and the team

Steve Thomas

Amazing Service!

I am so grateful to WRS, they recovered 90% of my money within 2 weeks of me reaching out to them. They completely understood that I had very little faith left after my experience, and took time to explain everything and reassure me.

Can’t praise them enough.

Brian Williams

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Fantastic Team!

An amazing, experienced and a professional team. Both Daniel and Wayne helped me to recover some of my money. They kept me informed the whole way through and were honest and realistic about my options. Definitely would recommend WRS to family, friends and anyone who have lost money through scam websites. Thank you WRS, your support was much needed and much appreciated. 🙏

Parveen Akhtar

Amazing Company!

Thank you so much for your professional and quick response from Tradeo and recovering our money.The best company with amazing team and professional support.

Maya Bilyal

Great Firm to Deal With!

Josh was incredibly professional he managed to recover funds from an online scam before I had to break the news to my partner, thank you.

Harry Davenport

Very Responsive & Very Effective!

On the very same day that I reached out to these guys on their website, Joshua contacted me not only by email but also by phone. He was patient and let me explain the entire nightmare of how I started investing with a known trading firm and ended up losing just about every pound I had. I’m talking about a life changing loss! I decided to take their help and all I can say is that I have My money back in MY account!!