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Justproforex Review: Is It a Legit Broker or Just Another Scam?

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Is Justproforex a genuine broker, or is it after people’s money? Is it regulated and does it follow the rules? Read this Justproforex review before trading with them.

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Let’s reveal the truth about Justproforex.

An honest Justproforex review

We are here to answer all your questions and to clear your doubts about Justproforex. Here, we talk about its owners, regulators, accounts, leverage, and even dubious practices. That way, you’ll end up with foolproof, ironclad facts about this broker.

Here’s all you should know about Justproforex.

What is Justproforex?

Justproforex is an online broker operating under Justproforex Group Limited and Justproforex Oversees Limited. The broker has its headquarters in Cyprus.

It deals with different asset classes via a single account type and has over 20 liquidity providers, including non-bank institutions and tier 1 banks. It also offers 24/7 commission-free crypto trading and 1:1000 leverage.

You can trade using MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

The company claims to have received over 35 international awards. It also claims to be EU-regulated.

Sounds fantastic, right? But wait until we reveal the absolute truth about Justproforex. It is nothing but a scam—a clone website prying on traders’ money. The broker is using another legit company’s details to market itself. Keep reading this Justproforex review for the whole truth.

Is Justproforex regulated?

No. Justproforex is not regulated.

Nonetheless, it, together with its parent company Justproforex Group Limited, claims to be regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Cyprus.

It also claims to be registered in Switzerland as “Bull invest AG” with CH-ID, CH60030166849, among other countries.

However, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) issued a warning list of scam brokers claiming to be regulated by them. On the list was Justproforex, among other scam brokers.

CySec warning

In short, Justproforex is a scam, and your money is not safe with it.

Legit online brokers are those duly licensed and regulated by recognized bodies like FCA, CySEC, and ASIC.

Justproforex lied about their regulation status. That shows how low they can go to lure traders. Wait, there’s more.

Is Justproforex regulated in the UK?

Justproforex isn’t regulated in the UK nor is it regulated anywhere else despite its claims. So, in case of any issues with the broker, you have no regulatory body to report to. It’s like investing with a ghost.

If you’re a trader from the UK or anywhere globally and wish to venture into forex trading, look for other legit brokers.

Justproforex scam warning signs

When we reviewed Justproforex, a few things seemed odd. It makes a lot of false claims. We want to highlight them all so that you don’t fall victim to its con game. Here is why Justproforex is a scam.

1. Justproforex is unregulated

If you visit their site, the broker claims to be regulated in Cyprus by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), among other regulators.

As shown above, not only is it not regulated by CySEC but it also appears on a CySEC warning—false authorization claims. This is the first and biggest red flag.

2. It’s a clone website that stole its design and content from another broker

Justproforex has a well-designed website. It displays essential information about the broker, where it’s located, the services it provides, and much more.

Sadly, that’s stolen information. Justproforex cloned another website and copied all its information and design.

It is using the license and regulation details of another broker called JFD Group Limited. That broker is indeed licensed by FCA and CySEC, just as it appears on the Justproforex website.

Justproforex copied the licensing details, including the license number, from JFD. The only thing it changed was the name JFD Group Limited and replaced it with Justproforex. You can visit the JFD Group Limited website and compare the information with Justproforex to verify our facts.

Justproforex cloned JFD Group

Kindly note that JFD Group Limited has no link with Justproforex. The latter took information from JFD without its consent.

Why would someone use a clone website to lie about their legitimacy? Simple. They want to look legitimate to mint as much money from traders as possible.

3. Lies about winning multiple awards

Justproforex boldly claims to have received a handful of awards due to their excellent work and reputation in the industry. Shockingly, all those awards displayed belong to JFD Group Limited.

Justproforex maliciously lifted the information from JFD Group Limited’s website and presented it as its own.

Another thing that caught our eye is the years they claim to have been awarded. For instance, if you read the details on the awards Justproforex claims to have received in 2019, you’ll notice that the rewards were issued in 2013 and not in 2019.

The person who cloned their website made some errors, and we were quick to spot them. Check it out here:

Fake Justproforex awards

Justproforex review: Conclusion

Justproforex is a scam.

From what we got here, we are not even sure if Justproforex really exists. It has stolen information from another broker, including the license and registration details. It is not regulated—CySEC even issued a warning about it. Worse still, it displays fake awards that have erroneous details.

If you’ve already lost your money trading with Justproforex or any other forex broker, we can help you get your money back. Schedule a free consultation and let’s start the recovery process.

Author: Josh Chinn

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