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There are many different ways that regulated brokers may have breached rules and regulations when handling your investments. As investment fraud lawyers, we can use these in our fight to get your money back.

Advised how to trade
Were you advised to buy or sell a specific stock, commodity, or Forex?

Guaranteed Profit
Were you assured that you will definitely make money from your investments?

Pressured to Deposit
Were you under constant pressure to deposit more money?

Professional Account
Were you advised or coached to provide false informtion to upgrade your trading account?

Major Losses
Did you lose a large amount of money in a short amount of time?

Prevented Withdrawals
Were your requests to withdraw your money met with refusals or resistance?

New Account Manager
Did the trading firm often change who was in charge of your account?

Trading Pressure
Did your account manager call and pressure you to make immediate trades?

Specialist Trading & Investment Fraud Lawyers

We are Wealth Recovery Solicitors, a Manchester-based law firm with a team of legal experts and investment fraud lawyers with experience in specialist trading and online investment recovery. Our team are dedicated to helping our clients retrieve money lost from investments and trading.

Here at Wealth Recovery Solicitors, our legal experts and investment fraud lawyers are here to help you retrieve any money you may have lost whilst trading or investing. With years of experience and knowledge in the industry, our UK-based team of dedicated investment fraud lawyers and legal experts offer confidential services and advice to help you get back any money lost through trading or investments, from cryptocurrency trading losses to regulated broker recovery

We want to help you regain any lost funds, whilst also giving you the confidence to make and identify safer trading and investment choices in the future. With millions of pounds recovered for our clients in the past year, our team of investment fraud lawyers have the confidence and experience to help with your investment recovery case. Let’s find out how our team of investment fraud lawyers can help you further.

3 easy steps to recovering your money

If you have lost money trading, our forward thinking and innovative team of investment fraud lawyers and legal experts can deliver results in 3 simple steps.

With any wealth and investment recovery case, the starting point is to investigate the company involved. This is to see if they are a regulated company or not, or if they themselves are the victim of a cryptocurrency scam. Our team of investment fraud lawyers will examine the strengths and weaknesses of your case and how best to determine the recovery of your lost investment.

After concluding our initial investigation, our team of investment fraud lawyers will swiftly analyse the trades that have occurred and where the funds have gone. We will then help maximise the recovery of your lost money and work to build a strong argument in order to recover your investment.

A lot of companies will give the impression that you can’t recover your money and that all hope is lost. Here at Wealth Recovery Solicitors, our team of investment fraud lawyers work tirelessly to expose any breaches on your behalf using our expertise and experience.

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Services to help recover your losses

Here at Wealth Recovery Solicitors, our team of investment fraud lawyers and legal experts will assess your case and advise you regarding the best ways of how to proceed with your investment recovery case.

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    Investment fraud, also known as security or stock fraud, is a deceptive practice that usually takes place in the stock or trading market. There are many different types of investment fraud, but, typically, it involves fraudsters contacting people on a cold-calling basis and asking them to invest in their products or schemes, which are usually worthless or non-existent.

    When payment has been received, the criminals then cut all contact with victims, or pressure investors into parting with more money, often in the guise of management fees, immediate trades or depositing more money into accounts or wallets. These criminals often pose as financial advisors or fund managers and the schemes they present can be very convincing and sound too good to be true, which they often are.<.p>

    Our team of legal experts are highly experienced and specialise in helping clients to recover money lost through investments and online trading. With millions of pounds recovered over the past year alone, we’re ready to start your investment recovery investigation today, starting with a free consultation. Contact us today to find out more.

    There are many lucrative opportunities to make money in the trading market, which has, unfortunately, led to an increase in the popularity of trading fraud. Trading fraud is a type of investment fraud and one that our team of investment fraud lawyers and legal experts are passionate about resolving for many of our clients.

    Trading fraud is often fronted by regulated brokers who appear reliable and trustworthy and, whilst there are still many legitimate brokers in the market, there are a growing number of brokers who are offering stock and cryptocurrency trading without any knowledge, accreditation or experience. These trading fraud schemes are often promoted online in the form of adverts or on social media, promising high returns and using fake celebrity endorsements to entice people to invest. These ads are linked to professional websites where users are again persuaded to invest, often through an account where the regulated broker makes trades on their behalf, or where they “trade” themselves using the platform.

    Most of these trading fraud sites see users getting an initial return to give the impression that their trading has been successful. However, users are soon encouraged to invest more money or are given specific advice on stocks and commodities to invest in. They may also find that they get new account managers regularly or are prevented from withdrawing their investment returns.

    At Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we’re passionate about helping our clients recover money lost through online trading and investments. Our team of trading and investment fraud lawyers are available to help you recover lost wealth, so contact us today for a free consultation

    Although it’s unfortunate that trading and investment scams have increased over the years, one positive to take from this increase is that they are becoming easier to spot. Regulations have improved over the years, however, some of these schemes still exist and our investment recovery legal experts and investment fraud lawyers are skilled in spotting signs of trading and investment fraud and questionable schemes.

    With schemes involving online trading and investments, some of the most common signs of wrongdoing include unexpected forms of contact, such as emails or phone calls, time pressure to make investment decisions or offering discounts and bonuses if investments are made before a certain time, uninitiated advice on how to trade and assurances of guaranteed returns on investments. If you recognise these signs and you believe that you may have been the victim of fraudulent investment or trading, please contact our team of investment fraud lawyers today for a free consultation.

    Investment fraud is most commonly identified in schemes that offer small and no-risk investments with the promise of guaranteed results, however, have complicated methods and unregistered security, leading to investors losing their money through making trades and investments with regulated brokers. There are some types of financial fraud that are more common and which legal experts have seen far too frequently.

    Cryptocurrency fraud is one of the biggest types of financial fraud, likely because it isn’t a tangible object. Investing in cryptocurrency comes with risks and the market is currently highly unregulated, with investors typically having little to no protection when it comes to making investments. This makes it a particularly easy market for criminals to infiltrate and allows them to take huge advantage of innocent investors who are simply looking to increase their capital.

    Our team of investment fraud lawyers are on hand to investigate a number of types of financial fraud and help you to recover any money you may have lost making financial investments or trading. For more information on our services, or to arrange a free consultation with our investment fraud lawyers, contact us today.

    When it comes to making investments, whether through trading or other avenues, there is always the risk that you will lose money and, unfortunately, is just one of the things that you have to accept in the market. However, if you have lost money trading through a regulated broker, unregulated scheme, fraud or cryptocurrency scam, then this is a different matter. Our team of investment fraud lawyers are highly experienced in recovering lost money trading or from investments and are on hand to provide expert advice and recovery services.

    As soon as you believe you may have lost money through investments, then the first thing you should do is contact your bank, as they may be able to help to stop the payment, however, this is not always guaranteed. If you’ve lost money trading in cryptocurrencies and have used a secure wallet, then, unfortunately, you may not be able to do anything in the first instance to recover your funds.

    No matter how long ago you believe you may have lost money trading, please contact our team of investment fraud lawyers here at Wealth Recovery Solicitors today for a free consultation and to start our investigations into recovering your lost finances.