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If you have lost money investing, Wealth Recovery Solicitors may be able to recover your funds.



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How our investment fraud lawyers can help

There are many different ways that brokers may have breached rules and regulations when handling your investments, or you may have experienced scams when trading online, causing you to lose your financial investments. As investment fraud lawyers, we’re highly experienced in recovering funds lost through online trading, across multiple platforms.

We’ve found that, in a lot of cases, when scams or fraud happen as a result of trading online, many investors believe that their money is lost forever. This isn’t the case. Our team of investment fraud lawyers here at Wealth Recovery Solicitors are highly skilled and experienced in recovering money lost in this way and have claimed millions of pounds back for clients in the past year alone.

Advised how to trade

Were you advised to buy or sell a specific stock, commodity, or Forex?

Guaranteed profit

Were you assured that you will definitely make money from your investments?

Pressured to deposit

Were you under constant pressure to deposit more money?

Professional account

Were you advised or coached to provide false information to upgrade your trading account?

Major losses

Did you lose a large amount of money in a short amount of time?

Prevented withdrawals

Were your requests to withdraw your money met with refusals or resistance?

New account manager

Did the trading firm often change who was in charge of your account

Trading pressure

Did your account manager call and pressure you to make immediate trades?

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Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Recovery Plan

Steps to recover your money

If you have lost money trading, our forward thinking & innovative team of investment fraud lawyers & legal experts can deliver results in 3 simple steps.


With any wealth and investment recovery case, the starting point is to investigate the company involved. This is to see if they are a regulated company or not, or if they themselves are the victim of a cryptocurrency scam. Our team of investment fraud lawyers will examine the strengths and weaknesses of your case and how best to determine the recovery of your lost investment.

02.Build a case+

After concluding our initial investigation, our team of investment fraud lawyers will swiftly analyse the trades that have occurred and trace where the funds have gone. We will then help maximise the recovery of your lost money and work to build a strong argument in order to recover your investment.


A lot of companies will give the impression that you can’t recover your money and that all hope is lost. Here at Wealth Recovery Solicitors, our team of investment fraud lawyers work tirelessly to expose any breaches on your behalf using our expertise and experience.

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We are Wealth Recovery Solicitors, a Manchester-based law firm with a team of legal experts and investment fraud lawyers with experience in specialist trading and online money investment recovery. Our team are dedicated to helping our clients retrieve money lost from investments & trading.


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