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If you have suffered losses online or whilst trading or investing, then our range of finance recovery services can help you to recover any lost funds and monies. Contact Wealth Recovery Solicitors today and our team of specialist solicitors are available to help and are on hand to advise which of our finance recovery services would be best suited to your case.

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Cryptocurrency Trading Losses

Hundreds of thousands of people currently trade using digital currencies. As the technology and processes used to trade crypto are complicated and complex, unfortunately, this means a lot of traders fall victim to a crypto scam. If you believe you may have been the victim of a crypto scam, contact us today to find out more about our crypto finance recovery services.

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Trading Scams

At WRS, we specialise in dealing with a wide variety of different online trading scams and can help you to recover money and funds lost through these trades. Whether you’ve lost money through a CFD Scam, or made trades through Forex that resulted in financial loss as the result of an online trading scam, our team can work to trace this trade and look to recover the lost funds. 

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Internet & Online Scams

Internet scams pose an ever-present threat to everyone that goes online. With the internet playing such a huge role in our lives, it’s easy to forget that not everyone you come into contact with online has your best interests at heart. Internet and online scams are becoming increasingly more common and complex and there are now many different forms of online scams, all designed to trick unsuspecting victims and scam them out of their money. 

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HyperVerse Scam

With hundreds of millions of pounds lost through the HyperVerse scam, it’s understandable that investors want to recover their lost funds, and that’s where we can help. Our team of award-winning lawyers are on hand to help victims of online trading and investment scams, such as HyperVerse. 

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Revolut Scam Refunds

We have worked with clients who have lost money through Revolut scams and have been successful in achieving Revolut scam refunds through different methods, where they were otherwise refused and where cryptocurrency may be involved.

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NFT Scams & Investment

At Wealth Recovery Solicitors, our team of legal experts are on hand to help if you believe you may have been the victim of an NFT scam, or have lost NFT investments through regulated brokers. More consumers than ever are opting for NFT investments and opportunities, but it can be difficult to be sure which are the more untrustworthy projects. 

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Tracing Services

Over the last few years, more and more people have made personal investments, looking to protect themselves and their future. Whilst there are many benefits to these investments, there also comes some risk.

With this rise in investments, there has also been a rise in investment scams, particularly in cryptocurrency and digital investments. As part of our finance recovery services, we can trace the history of your investments and look to recover your lost money. Find out more here.

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Forex Scams 

When it comes to Forex trading, scams can happen at any time. Many of these attacks can be very specific and incredibly sophisticated, meaning that only the most observant of eyes are capable of spotting the dangers. We’re seeing more and more cases for Forex scams, however, we can help recover funds lost through scams and fraud. 

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Regulated Broker Recovery

Wealth Recovery Solicitors are leading the way with our finance recovery services when it comes to money lost through regulated brokers. No matter if you’ve traded with brokers overseas, our regulated broker recovery services can help you to recover money you may have lost when making trades and investments. You can find out more about our regulated broker recovery services here.

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Landlord Services

Our team of landlord specialists can help advise you in terms of property management remit and debt recovery. We have a range of finance recovery solicitors tailored toward landlords and we provide first-class legal and support services to our clients in this sector. You can find out more about our landlord finance recovery services here.

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Residential Rent Arrears

Rent arrears can be claimed at the same time as an order for possession under a standard possession procedure, but not under an accelerated possession procedure. Our finance recovery services can help landlords with residential rent arrears and our team can assist you with the best route to take for your case. Learn more about our residential rent arrears services here.

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There are many reasons why, as a private landlord, you may need your property back, whether it’s due to outstanding rent or nuisance tenants. Tenants have a right of occupation and, as such, you will need an experienced lawyer on your side to help recover your property. Evictions come under our finance recovery services and you can learn more about our process here.

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