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Who are Wealth Recovery Solicitors?

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Hi, my name is Josh Chin, I am one of solicitors here at WRS.

A bit background about myself and then we’ll go into what WRS does and why we were created.

My background is I started my career at a couple of international law firms. I then did my training contract at a Manchester City Center law firm and I’ve been qualified now for almost two years.

The WRS (Wealth Recovery Solicitors) was designed to help vulnerable clients that have lost substantial amounts of money, either through a pure scam or a negligent brokerage normally based abroad.

We are efficient, extremely motivated and extremely successful in recovering funds for our clients.

We look to recover large amounts of what’s lost and do this in a very quick and as cheap as possible way.

For our clients, we work on a no win, no fee and in 2021 alone, we’d recovered over one and a half million pounds.

You can inquire with us today and see if you qualify for a no win, no fee and see if you can also be one of our successful clients.

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