At Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we’re passionate about providing the best in legal care and advice when it comes to recovering wealth that has been lost to trading scams, including with Forex, CFDs and cryptocurrency. 

With this huge increase in crypto and trading scams, our team uses the latest in technology to recover your money lost through trading. Unlike other recovery solicitors, we don’t just search for the lost wealth and then refer you to your bank to recover the funds. Instead, we use our tracing methods to find the exact journey your funds have taken using information from the blockchain.

Once we know the precise movements that have been made, we can then start the process in recovering your funds. Our specialisms include court injunctions, applications to the ombudsman and complaints to brokers, so we are best placed to get your results.

Our team at Wealth Recovery Solicitors is regulated by the Bar Standards Board and we’re a partner firm of ETL Global –  a leading global network with over 45 years of experience. The team is headed by director and solicitor Josh Chinn, an expert in recovering wealth lost to trading scams. All of the recoveries we carry out are bespoke to the individual circumstances of each of our clients. Our range of services offers recovery solutions for a number of cases and, for some, we offer no win, no fee.

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