Despite the improvements in regulation and law enforcement in the cryptocurrency industry in recent years, there are still unfortunately many cases of people losing their money to scams or unregulated services. These losses of wealth can feel incredibly harsh and are often difficult to deal with on a personal level; as the victim of a scam, it’s very easy to shelter yourself either through embarrassment or a lack of confidence in finding a resolution. Of course, this silence means that very little is ever done about these harmful scam cases, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With the help of a trusted, regulated, and experienced solicitor, you may be able to recover lost cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading losses, bringing back your wealth and helping you to feel safer in your online activity.

If you have reason to suspect that you have been the victim of a trading scam, we urge you to contact our friendly, knowledgeable team today, who will be able to offer you confidential advice at a time and date that suits you. We understand that these matters are tough to handle, but we hope that our support, guidance, and action enables you to recover lost funds and regain a sense of security online.

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    WRS were a marvellous company to deal with …

    WRS were a marvellous company to deal with. I had lost my money to unscrupulous forex company a year before I contacted them. They were able to achieve a return of some. Very efficient and understanding team to work with. Thank you so much Josh and Simon.


    Recovery of crypto

    Approaching WRS I really did think I had no chance of ever seeing my money again. So many people had told me that because I had transferred to the scammers using crypto it was gone forever. Using their legal expertise and in particular Josh Chinn’s advice and tactical excellence I recovered the vast majority of my money back. Still can’t believe it. Fully recommend WRS.


    I was thoroughly impressed with the service

    I was thoroughly impressed with the service provided by WRS. They understood exactly what my needs were and helped me recover the money I had lost to fraudulent websites. I would fully recommend the team at WRS, particularly Josh Chinn who was instrumental in assisting throughout the process.


    The dangers you may face in the world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

    With the rising popularity of Bitcoin in the mainstream, popularised across the media and digital platforms, scams are around every corner. Whilst the cryptocurrency industry is a very lucrative one, with many opportunities to increase wealth and secure your future in digital currencies, this does not mean that wins are guaranteed. Many scam platforms and wallets exist on the market and these can be very difficult to distinguish from the legitimate platforms that you should be using when conducting trades and storing your digital wealth. In general, we’d suggest that you only ever use platforms and solutions that are well-reviewed, verified, and backed by a number of recognised investors – this not only reduces the risk of scams but reduces the risk of a platform becoming defunct and your money being lost during the liquidation process. 

    One of the major dangers in the world of crypto and Bitcoin is trade rates that appear too good to be true; in most cases, this is because they are. If a rate offered by a platform seems wildly different to that of the current industry standard, be sure to conduct thorough research before committing any of your money to this platform – after research, it’s likely that you’ll have a much clearer idea of whether you should be investing your money into this, or whether you should avoid. Of course, not everyone is able to avoid these scams, which is why the help of professional solicitors such as the team here at Wealth Recovery Solicitors is so vital.

    Recovering money lost in crypto trading scams and Bitcoin trading losses

    When you’ve been scammed, speed is a crucial factor in ensuring you’re able to reclaim your lost money; the longer this is left unchallenged and without investigation, the more likely it will be that your money is lost forever. If you suspect that you may have been the victim of a scam, you’ll want to get in touch with our trusted team as soon as you can – they’ll be able to get the process moving immediately, maximising the chance to recover funds. Depending on the specific details of the situation, our team will begin to contact banks, brokers, or funds processors to facilitate the recovery of your lost or stolen money – this process will differ depending on each person, but our team will decide on the most effective method of recovery and consult you before taking any action. To give you peace of mind and confidence in our service, we operate a no-win, no-fee system, meaning you’ll only ever pay for our wealth recovery services in cases where we are able to successfully recover your losses. You can contact our team online today, where we will be able to review your case and offer our professional advice on how to proceed.

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    “I decided (wisely) to work with Wealth Recovery Solicitors after reading their website. They are lawyers and know what they’re doing. They got just about all of my money back for me and I would recommend them highly”

    “Very Responsive and Very Effective On the very same day that I reached out to these guys on their website, Joshua contacted me not only by email but also by phone. He was patient and let me explain the entire nightmare of how I started investing with a known trading firm and ended up losing just about every pound I had. I’m talking about a life changing loss! I decided to take their help and all I can say is that I have My money back in MY account!!”

    “Josh and his where great highly professional easy to approach and managed to help me recover a lot of money. couldn’t recommend him and his team enough. I had clear and honest communication no fluff i understood everything.”

    “Dealing with WRS was a pleasure, not only did they recover monies, Josh and the team were always approachable and extremely professional and empathetic towards my situation- highly recommend..”

    “Of course after being scammed I was so reluctant for this to happen again, this is a legitimate Law firm that are properly regulated and are absolute experts in the field of recovering lost funds in the investment realm. The whole team was professional and led by a very polite and innovative Josh Chinn. Thanks once again WRS and team.”

    Can you get Bitcoin back from a scammer?

    In the unfortunate event that you get scammed out of your Bitcoin, there are a few options you can try to retrieve your digital currency. The key thing is to act fast: the sooner you report your issue using our free consultation service, the simpler it may be to get your money back.

    Your first option is to contact the platform you used. If you suspect you have transferred your Bitcoin to a scammer or feel that your account has been compromised somehow, contact the platform directly as soon as possible to report the issue. Providing you have used a legitimate platform, which we expressly encourage you to do, go through your retrieval options with their customer support representative. Be sure to give them as much information as possible because if your Bitcoin is still on the exchange, it’s easier to get your currency back.

    On the other hand, if you have traded on an illegitimate trading platform, it is still worth getting in touch with them. Let them know that you know they scammed you and that you are in the process of reporting them to the relevant authorities. The threat of legal action may be enough to get them to return your cryptocurrency; however, if the trade has been completed and the Bitcoin is in the scammer’s digital wallet, then it’s likely they won’t respond at all.

    Your second option is to reach out to a cryptocurrency scam recovery expert. Here at Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we take each instance on a case by case basis. No two situations are the same when it comes to cryptocurrency investment scams. Depending on the specific details of the situation, our team will begin to contact banks, brokers, or funds processors to facilitate the recovery of your lost or stolen cryptocurrency.

    No one is truly anonymous on the internet. Our team of Bitcoin scam recovery experts will do everything in their power to track down the scammers and get your money back. The process of taking legal action against scammers alone can be daunting and time-consuming. Hiring scam fund recovery experts, like Wealth Recovery, can take the pressure off you and is much more likely to result in the recovery of your defrauded funds.

    What are the safest cryptocurrency trading tools?

    With cryptocurrency investment continuing to rise in popularity, the sad reality is that scams are likewise heading in the same direction. In particular, these scams have a tendency to target new cryptocurrency investors who aren’t always aware of what to look out for to avoid a compromising situation. To prevent becoming a victim of a crypto scam, it’s important to do your due diligence when choosing which broker and trading platform to use.

    Forbes has put together a detailed list of their safest, most reputable trading platforms available in the UK. With increasingly more platforms and brokers entering the crypto space, it can be difficult to decipher which ones are legitimate and which ones are not, which is why it’s so important that you do your research before you begin to trade. 

    Although these are all trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges, they may not all be appropriate for your specific requirements. Some are more suited to beginners – for example, Coinbase has lots of educational material on its platform and is very easy to navigate – whereas others are better suited to more seasoned traders, such as Binance. Binance has one of the widest ranges of digital currencies available and several useful trading tools to help you better control your coin purchases, such as limit and market orders, as well as the stop-limit feature, which lets you automate when you wish to enter or exit a certain trade based on the price and quantity limits you set.

    Choosing the right trading platform isn’t an easy job. First and foremost, you’ll want a secure exchange. Even though anything on the internet can fall victim to hackers and scammers, it’s better to be with a reputable platform than not. You will also want to look out for withdrawal fees for when you come to want to move any crypto asset off of an exchange; these will vary across different platforms, but if the fee is significantly higher than you would expect it to be, then it’s likely a red flag that that particular exchange is not for you.

    If you suspect you’ve fallen victim to a crypto scam, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts. We’ll conduct our tracing process to ensure we can track your money and its movement, which allows us to pinpoint the point of the scam and target the correct entity to recover your money. After this, we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis, so you can rest assured that, in seeking help, you will not be hit with a bill you really don’t need – please note that our tracing services are subject to a fee, however, they do allow us to operate in the most effective manner possible. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can set to work getting your money back to you.