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With the recent news that Sam Lee of HyperVerse has been charged for his part in the HyperVerse scheme, we’re hearing from more and more investors who have lost money through the crypto scam.

With hundreds of millions of pounds lost through the HyperVerse scam, it’s understandable that investors want to recover their lost funds, and that’s where we can help. Our team of award-winning lawyers are on hand to help victims of online trading and investment scams, such as HyperVerse. 

We’ve recovered millions for our clients all over the world, offering support and confidence at a time when you might feel that all is lost. We’re highly experienced in recovering funds from all manners of online scams, including HyperVerse and other Ponzi schemes, and offer free consultations for all clients.

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What Is The HyperVerse Scam?

HyperVerse was a fraudulent crypto investment scheme, said to have totalled almost $2 billion from unknowing investors around the world. Built on the promises of high returns, the HyperVerse scam was essentially a Ponzi scheme, only allowing the founders to make money from it. It’s said that HyperVerse, under the HyperFund name, had no legitimate source of revenue and, in true pyramid scheme fashion, any investor-requested withdrawals were covered by deposits made from new investors. 

Since its inception back in 2020, HyperVerse found itself on the list of many different watchdog groups across the world, all warning investors not to use the platform. The Financial Market Authority in New Zealand even issued a public warning for investors that they believed the platform was a scam. 

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Can I Get My Money Back From The HyperVerse Scam?

If you are amongst the thousands of victims caught up in the HyperVerse Scam and have lost funds as a result of the wrongdoings, then our team of reputable, award-winning solicitors are on hand to help you recover your lost finances. We offer free consultations so that you can speak directly with one of our solicitors and find out more about what your next steps are. We’re passionate and dedicated to helping you recover funds lost through the HyperVerse scam.

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    Although the HyperVerse platform was very much real, in that it allowed investors to “invest” their funds and offered a Metaverse-style interaction between members, it was ultimately a pyramid and Ponzi scheme style of scam. There was no money to be made from investing on the platform, with those who did manage to make withdrawals doing so from the deposits and memberships of newer members.

    As with all Ponzi and pyramid schemes, the funds had to run out eventually and, when HyperVerse collapsed, the only people who seemed to make a profit were its founders, leaving investors in the dark about where exactly their money had gone and whether it could be recovered.

    The HyperVerse scheme was founded by Australian entrepreneur Sam Lee, along with his business partner Ryan Xu. It is one of many different investment schemes set up by the duo, especially under the HyperFund umbrella. They also co-founded the collapsed Blockchain Global – an Australian Bitcoin company – which was put into administration in 2021 and is noted to still owe its creditors roughly $58m. As well as HyperVerse and Blockchain Global, Lee and Xu have publicly promoted various other failed crypto schemes which have also led to traders being unable to withdraw their funds and initial investments.

    These different schemes have all seen the same results, and that’s investors losing their deposits. As of January 2024, the founders have been hit with both criminal and civil charges, only adding to the chequered history of defunct schemes.

    HyperVerse was a decentralised Blockchain platform, which allowed users or members to socialise and trade with one another. It was unique from other platforms in that it combined a focus of gaming and socialisation and had its own token – HVT. HyperVerse was a virtual cosmos which allowed users – called Voyagers within the platform – to create and trade virtual items. It was a highly interesting concept and one which, if legitimate, would have likely been successful within the Crypto industry with the unique blend of Blockchain and Metaverse.