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Residential rent arrears and recovery

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Here at Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we have helped a number of landlords who have suffered financial loss due to tenants failing to make rental payments. It is at this point at which tenants will fall into rent arrears and recovery of the rent arrears will begin. Whilst the legal route is not always a landlord’s first choice, many landlords still have to take legal action due to non-compliant tenants who fail to come to an agreement.

We understand the financial burdens that are placed onto landlords when tenants fall into rent arrears and recovery might seem like a long step away. Approaching the process in the most professional and legally correct way possible will give landlords the best opportunity to recover their rents. For this reason, we offer expert landlord legal advice for landlords who are struggling with rent arrears and recovery. 

For landlords seeking back the possession of their properties, they must consider the implication of rent arrears and work towards obtaining back their residential rent arrears and recovery. Landlords can be faced with many hurdles when it comes to residential rent arrears and making an application for possession, but navigating this process with professional landlord legal advice is the key to taking back your control.

Wealth Recovery Solicitors can assist landlords in all tenant disputes, obtaining possession of their properties and recovering residential rent arrears.

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Frequently asked questions

01.What are residential rent arrears?+

Rent arrears will occur when tenants fail to make their monthly rental payments, leaving them in rent arrears. This may also include tenants who are not paying the full amount and are cutting their monthly set payments short. Landlords will often need to deal with tenants who fall into rent arrears at some point, but taking the correct steps to obtain the missed rent back is crucial. Residential rent arrears and recovery can be a delicate and sensitive topic area, especially when tenants are failing to meet payments due to their own financial struggles. 

Regardless, if tenants are not willing to come to an agreement to pay back their arrears, landlords have the right to start the possession and eviction process. Here at Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we have a breadth of experience dealing with residential rent arrears and recovery, therefore we will aim to approach your rent arrears complications using the correct and effective measures. 

02.When to seek help with residential rent arrears & recovery+

A landlord must seek help for residential rent arrears and recovery if they have failed to open up an effective line of communication with their tenants to handle any missed payments internally. If tenants have not communicated with you in giving reasons for their missed rent, or perhaps you are not able to get in touch with their guarantor if applicable, it would be wise to seek landlord legal advice.

Recovering residential rental rent arrears can be a complicated process if landlords are facing it alone. In many cases, landlords will be able to regain the possession of their property whilst obtaining their rent arrears payments, however, this would require processes such as serving the section 8 notice, or possibly a section 21 depending on the circumstances.

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Letting the recovery of your owed residential rent arrears slip away should not be a common theme, instead, we urge frustrated landlords to get in touch with our team in order for us to offer the best possible landlord legal advice to support them through the residential rent arrears recovery process.


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