Recovering Revolut Scam Refunds

Just like with any banking provider, it’s important to remain vigilant when using online apps or making payments, but with Revolut, we’re receiving more cases from people who have lost money through Revolut scams involving cryptocurrency, and are struggling to get Revolut scam refunds.

What makes Revolut different from other banking providers is the fact that they’re not actually a bank. Although you can use the services for a wide range of money management and payment services, they’re deemed as an e-money institution, although they are still regulated by the FCA. This means that they follow different processes in the event of refunding money that has been lost in internet and online scams or fraud, including cryptocurrency scams. 

At Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we have worked with clients who have lost money through Revolut scams and have been successful in achieving Revolut scam refunds through different methods. We know what works, and we have been able to recover large amounts of money back for clients. If you’ve been scammed on Revolut and are wondering “what now?”, then we can help with Revolut scam refunds. 

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Does It Matter That Revolut Are Not A Bank?

Yes. Revolut doesn’t hold a UK banking license, therefore it is not signed up to the contingent reimbursement model code (CRM Code). This is a voluntary code that banks and finance firms sign up to, with 10 of the main high street banking providers currently signed up, and which outlines how customers who have lost money through fraud or scams can get their money back. As Revolut isn’t signed up to the CRM Code, this then means that when it comes to refunding Revolut scams, they’re under very little obligation to do anything about it. 

Complaints about Revolut’s lack of refund protection have rocketed over recent years, with complaints submitted to Action Fraud increasing from 567 in February 2023 to 1,086 in February 2024. Revolut is refusing more and more customers for Revolut scam refunds and, as most cryptocurrency scams involve Revolut accounts in some form, this often results in large amounts of money being lost. However, we can work to claim your money back. 

I recovered my funds in full

I recovered my funds in full. I was kept updated on the progress of the process at all times. A great outcome from a really unpleasant situation

Anne Johnson

Can’t recommend  WRS enough, true lifesavers

I picked up WRS on a google search, read the reviews and decided to contact them to see if they could help me with a Crypto scam. Right from the start they’ve been helpful and thorough, I’m about a month into the case and they’ve already recovered some of my funds. Can’t recommend  WRS enough, true lifesavers.

H Harris

Josh and the team were very professional

Josh and the team were very professional throughout the process. I never believed I would ever get all that Bitcoin back. Nothing like any other recovery company or law firm. Actually know what they’re talking about and don’t just do one dimension attack of the banks.


What To Do If Revolut Have Rejected Your Request

If you’ve lost money and have had your request for a Revolut scam refund refused and you don’t believe that they have done all that they can to recover your funds, then we can help. With the cases we have worked on so far, we’ve found that in all instances, the client’s request for a Revolut scam refund has been rejected, no matter the nature of the investment scam.

In most cases, this is because Revolut believes that it took the necessary action required at the time to attempt to stop money from leaving the affected account, such as providing the account holder with warning messages or blocking the initial payment. However, we argue that Revolut should be doing more to protect customers from scams or fraud, such as by recognising suspicious activity within the account. 

If your request for a Revolut scam refund has been refused, you can then go to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), where you have 6 months to submit a complaint. However, we can work to recover your lost funds on a much quicker time scale.

Can I Get My Money Back From A Scam Even Though I Used Revolut?

Whilst you are likely to find that Revolut won’t refund your money from a scam, there are alternative actions you can take. At WRS, we’ve helped clients recover Revolut scam refunds on a no-win, no-fee basis. Simply get in touch with us and a member of our recovery team will be in touch to discuss your case in more detail. If we find that we can help recover your money, or if cryptocurrency was involved in the transactions, then we can advise you on the next steps and start the process for your recovery journey.

Cryptocurrency and Revolut

In a number of Revolut scam cases, cryptocurrency will be involved. Revolut is a supporter of cryptocurrency transactions and allows for the transfer and movement of funds between accounts, however, it does have high fees involved and may limit some control over your funds. 

On their website, Revolut states that “when you use our crypto services, you will not be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and if you have a complaint, then it is not likely to fall within the scope of the jurisdiction of the FOS”. This means that, in the event of a scam involving both cryptocurrency and Revolut, they are in a position where they can, and likely will, refuse to provide a refund. 

In many Revolut scams, victims may be tricked into sending funds into a cryptocurrency wallet. If this has happened, then we may be able to help recover these funds. Transfers which are made to crypto wallets and where this money is then sent to the scammer’s account is a form of investment scam. Like other banking providers, Revolut should be looking to protect customers if transactions to crypto wallets are made, but they’re not doing so. This is where we can help with Revolut scam refunds related to a crypto scam, as we have processes and procedures that we can take to trace and recover your lost funds.

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    If you think you’ve been a victim of a Revolut scam, you should end communication with the scammer straight away and contact Revolut as quickly as possible to see if they can stop the payment. Usually, the quickest way is through the in-app chat support so the account can be secured quickly and then the issue looked into. Revolut are unlikely to refund money lost through a scam, as they don’t have the responsibility to do so. So, then you should report the incident to Action Fraud.

    After this, to maximise your chances of getting your money back, you should contact us at WRS. We have a dedicated team of UK-based solicitors who utilise their tracing skills to recover money lost through a variety of scams, including Revolut scams. Get in touch as soon as possible when you suspect you’ve been a victim of a Revolut scam to increase your chances of recovering the money.

    If someone contacts you over email or text message claiming to be from Revolut with any of the following information, it’s likely to be a Phishing scams:

    • Asking for any kind of personal details or financial information
    • Telling you there is an issue with your account or your money is in danger, and that you need to act quickly
    • Asking you to move your money into a different account

    To keep your money safe and to help you avoid being part of a Revolut scam, you should never share your financial details and, if you see any suspicious activity, you should freeze your card instantly. You can also use single-use virtual cards for payments and transactions, so the details can’t be reused. Also always ensure that you have two-factor authentication set up to ensure that all payments must be approved by you before going through.

    Whilst Revolut may send text messages or emails with updates, they will never contact you to ask for financial information, to make payments or to transfer money to a safe account. They will also never ask you to confirm any security information or to click on a link. So, if you ever receive a message containing any of the above, make sure that you get in touch with Revolut through the app directly and report to them the fraudulent messages you’ve been receiving, as it’s likely to be a Revolut scam.

    Revolut doesn’t hold a UK banking licence, so it is not technically a bank. It’s also not part of the CRM code. As a result, they are not responsible for refunding money lost through Revolut scams, whereas the other major banking providers in the UK would have more obligation to help.