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Cryptocurrency tracing services

Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in personal investments in the UK. In particular, cryptocurrency and digital investments are on the rise. While there are benefits to such investments, there are also big risks. As a result of this rise, there has also been an increase in scams, which means the tracing services we offer are needed now more than ever.

At Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we understand the impact that investment fraud has on its victims. From making fraudulent investments to a potential court case, it can be hard to know where to start. With this in mind, if you are worried that you may have been scammed, please contact us for a free consultation on 0203 695 9239.

We can assist you in recovering your wealth and specialising in forensic investigation. We can follow the money and can often discover where your lost money is. Wealth Recovery Solicitors has invested in the latest software and technology that significantly helps fight cryptocurrency scams.

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Frequently asked questions

01.What is a tracing service in investment fraud?+

Quite simply, a tracing service is a forensic investigation that kicks off a claim to do with the fraudulent activity. This form of fraud investigation ensures substantial research and evidence is found in order for a claim to be made. When you trace funds as part of a tracing service, it details the movement of funds, allowing you to find where the money went once it left your account and, in most cases, find the source of the scam. For example, our tracing service allows us to trace the money back to specific brokers who are known for taking advantage of UK cryptocurrency investors, such as Investuous, City Index, XM, and Ava Trade, to name a few.

The tracing service we provide at Wealth Recovery Solicitors guarantees that you have all the relevant information you need should you need to take legal action.

At Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we offer tracing services dedicated to assisting clients who fall victim to a range of scams such as cryptocurrency scams, regulated contract for difference (CFD) scams, and Forex scams. Following this, we provide you with an asset report. To find out more about how we make this bespoke to you and your claim, please fill out this form and book in for a free consultation today.

02.How will tracing services help you recover your money?+

A lot of the time, victims are not aware of how they have been scammed, which often creates a mixture of emotions, from panic to humiliation to embarrassment. The truth is, sadly, scams like these are more common than you realise.

Many claimants, amidst a lot of panic, feel like the best way to recover their money is to immediately pursue court action. Many regular people may not be aware of the tracing process and what it includes, but it is a necessary step to ensure you have everything you need to proceed before any legal action is taken.

Tracing services take a mixture of both skill and time, which our solicitors have. We also have access to a range of databases that the average person does not have access to, allowing us to fully delve into the fraudulent transaction in question, tracing its steps from the moment it left your bank account.

At Wealth Recovery Solicitors, our team uses the tracing service to devise the most effective plan to recover your funds and ensure you have the measures in place to establish this does not happen again.

The types of scams where lost money can be traced

Scams against UK investors new to the market are on the rise. Luckily, many of these scams can easily be traced and, in turn, there is a high probability that your funds can be recovered for you.

The majority of the scammers are very convincing, often originating from reputable-looking broker companies. Thanks to our tracing service, we are able to trace scams and pinpoint where they originated from, making us aware of cowboy companies who may have a disciplinary history such as Tradeo, BDSwiss, Ava Trade, Everfx, Vantage fx, and Forex TB. As solicitors with many years of experience dealing with said brokers, we are in the best possible position to recover your funds and pursue your claim further, if required.

General investment scams carried out by cowboy brokers are becoming more prevalent. These scams can take place over the phone, via email, or even a home visit. They are often quite hard to spot as they have all the collateral you would need to be convinced they are legitimate and reputable, such as professional-looking websites and seemingly legit testimonials from other investors. It is worth noting that a big tell about these forms of scams is that no company will reach out to you about an investment opportunity out of the blue.

At Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we also specialise in dealing with Forex trading scams. These are particularly tricky scams to foresee when trading on the Forex market, as you will typically be using a variety of platforms as part of the trading process, especially if the trades are made internationally. Due to the sophisticated nature of these scams, without the help of a firm like Wealth Recovery Solicitors, it is nearly impossible to recover your wealth. Allowing us to investigate your claim means that we can look into the loss, contact banks, and platforms on your behalf, tracing your money to ensure it is returned to you. When dealing with the Forex market, always do your research and look into the platforms you use, making sure they are regulated before you start trading on them. If for any reason we are unable to recover your funds from the Forex scam, you will not be charged by us.

Another form of scam our experts can help you with are regulated CFD scams. These are essentially scams where brokers who appear to be legitimate go out of their way to ensure you deliberately lose money. These brokers talk you into depositing and then losing funds. They are disguised as a fantastic investment opportunity, providing you with the trading materials you need to calculate the profit/loss margin that you’ll be making between your opening value and your closing value – this is essentially the money that you’ll have made or lost on a trade, which is a fantastic thing to be able to track and predict whilst trading. These brokers are, however, far from reputable. Once your money enters the system, it will be “lost”, essentially stolen, meaning you’re now disconnected from your invested funds.

We have also seen an uplift in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading scams. Cryptocurrency is essentially digital or virtual currency. Bitcoin is naturally the most recognisable form of this type of currency; however, other popular coins include Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. While the cryptocurrency market may appear to be lucrative, it is a relatively new industry, which means people are more vulnerable to losing their money to such scams and unregulated services. Again, this form of trading uses platforms and wallets, making you susceptible to fraud; however, these types of fraud can be identified using a company such as Wealth Recovery Solicitors. We advise that you make sure the platforms you use are reputable by ensuring they have been verified and used by a number of investors. We also advise conducting your own thorough research before you place any money on the platform as, in some cases. you may be able to spot the scam before it hits you; therefore, avoiding it completely.

These types of scams tend to hit victims hard emotionally, as they usually involve a large amount of funds being lost. Our solicitors would like to assure you, even if it seems unlikely, there is always a chance of recovering your funds. With our experienced and fully regulated team of solicitors, there is every chance of you being able to recover your losses, giving you the confidence you need to feel safe online again.

As the only regulated firm within the industry, we are extremely focused on recovering any losses that occur due to these trading scams and others. We understand the sensitive nature of our work and provide a high level of professionalism and confidentiality when looking into your claim. For a free confidential consultation, please fill out our online form, stating the date and time you would like us to contact you alongside details of your loss.

03.Does tracing make it easier to reclaim your lost money?+

In short, yes it does. Tracing allows us to figure out exactly where your money has gone after it has been taken out of your account. The ability to trace your funds means we can form patterns and, in turn, keep an eye on the regular culprits responsible for these scams. For instance, tracing enables us to become aware of cowboy brokers, such as BDSwiss, FXVC, and Trade 360, that are taking advantage of UK investors. Our tracing solutions allow us to find out exactly what has been stolen and who stole it.

Once your claim is with us, we take on the burden of the investigation. We immediately start the tracing process. With our industry insight and access, we are able to directly reach out to the banks, brokers, and fund processors quickly. Tracing services like the one we provide enable us to put together an in-depth picture of what happened and form a case should legal action be required. This picture comes in the form of an asset report, which is written following any tracing we have undertaken. Any legal proceedings following the tracing services we provide come with a no-win-no-fee clause.

Worried you have fallen victim to a scam? It is vital to get in touch with a member of our team as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the harder it may be to recover your lost wealth. As soon as you get in touch, we can put the tracing services into action, contacting banks, brokers, and other organisations in order to recoup your stolen money.

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Wealth Recovery Solicitors specialises in assisting victims of fraudulent activity. Our expert team provides bespoke recovery programs depending on each case’s individual circumstances, offering the most cost-effective solutions for you moving forward. We are a leading regulated firm in the industry and, as such, we ensure that we provide a high level of professionalism and assurance throughout the wealth recovery process.

Led by our director, Josh Chinn, we are a Bar Standards Board law firm dedicated to helping you recover what is rightfully yours. As trained solicitors, we are dedicated to recovering your wealth that has fallen victim to scams such as Forex, regulated CFD, and cryptocurrency scams. We are discrete in our approach and take your lead in handling correspondence, calling you on a number you are comfortable with at a time suitable for you, ensuring our phone calls are handled with the utmost care and discretion.

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We understand that being the victim of a scam can be tough to handle, but we hope that our support, action and guidance can enable you to recover lost funds and regain a sense of confidence and security in making trades and investments online.


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