Our Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery Successes

Whilst cryptocurrency has left a lot of people with large investment returns, there are many traders who have fallen victim to cryptocurrency scams and have, unfortunately, lost money as a result. Cryptocurrency scams and trading losses are becoming increasingly more common as more people take to trading and investing as cryptocurrencies, such as Bicoin or Ethereum, are not easily recovered and, for scammers who know what they are doing, the funds can be moved around to make them seemingly untraceable. 

Cryptocurrency is an investment which comes with high-risk and volatility. The value of cryptocurrency can increase and decrease quite rapidly and with this type of investment, there are no guarantees in terms of returns. When traders lose money through cryptocurrency scams, often they believe that cryptocurrency scam recovery is highly unlikely. However, this is where we come in.




Manchester’s Best Wealth Recovery Advisory 2023

WRS have been named Manchester’s best Wealth Recovery Advisory 2023 after recovering millions for clients who have been victims to scams and fraud.

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Almost £1 Million Recovered In Cryptocurrency

WRS were recently instructed by a client who had lost almost £1 million in cryptocurrency to a typical crypto scam, where they had invested just shy of 50 bitcoin.

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How WRS Can Help With Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery

At WRS, we are a niche law firm, specialising in cryptocurrency scam recovery, working to find and retrieve lost funds for clients who trade online with cryptocurrency. We’re finding that a cryptocurrency trading scam which is becoming more and more common is one that involves online brokers who appear to come across as bona fide, taking payments in cryptocurrency.

These brokers make it look as though they are placing trades correctly and, through different methods, coerce victims into depositing more funds via cryptocurrency. The scammer will get the victim to purchase cryptocurrency through setting up exchanges in the victim’s name and then loading the exchange with different forms of cryptocurrency, usually Bitcoin (also known as BTC).

The scammer will then tell the victim that, in order to fund the trading platform, they need to transfer the cryptocurrency from their wallet into one which is controlled by the scammer. It is usual, we find, that the scammer never has any intention to place trades and have used this as a method to steal cryptocurrency deposited. 

Usually, once this has gone, the property is not recoverable as the victim will not have the correct tools in order to trace this accurately. At WRS, our team are aware of tools such as blockchain explorer and Ether scan to carry out traces but, unfortunately, we know that scammers move the property so many times that these tools often don’t show the end point. 

We use very specific in house tools which allow us to locate the funds and establish the correct end point through our tracing process. After completing the tracing process, we are then able to recover the funds, which we have done numerous times successfully for our clients as part of our cryptocurrency scam recovery services.

Our Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery Success Stories

Below, we share how our cryptocurrency scam recovery work has changed the lives for our clients, for the better. We have acquired numerous testimonials from clients we have worked with over the years for cryptocurrency scam recoveries. 


Having investigated the market in desperation for cryptocurrency scam recovery help, I identified some companies who sounded more like the scammers themselves! Then Wealth Recovery Solicitors appeared, Wow! What a breath of fresh air in this difficult recovery industry. An experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy law firm that never give up and even after a long period, when I had almost given up any hope of success, they came up with a plan B – and recovered most of my scammed funds. I can strongly recommend WRS and their professional team led by Josh Chinn, so keep the good work up guys as there are many victims out there trying to decide who to go with and hopefully, they will discover WRS as I did.


I had suffered a huge loss in the crypto market a few months ago and was struggling with the recovery. Josh at WRS went above and beyond to help me get my losses returned. Their services are exceptional, the team is great, clear communication with outstanding results. Couldn’t recommend the firm highly enough; look no further. Thank you WRS for all your support and advice.


I lost some cryptocurrency a few months ago. I had a really tough time finding anyone to help me until I found WRS! They went above and beyond to help me get my money back. I couldn’t recommend the firm highly enough and don’t know what I would have done without them.

Global Success Stories

We’ve helped clients all over the world recover funds lost through cryptocurrency scams and fraud and, thanks to our processes, we know the right steps that need to be taken in order to recover lost cryptocurrency.

Recently, we were instructed by a Canadian client who had lost 177 Ethereum (£260,000). We were able to locate where the missing cryptocurrency had been moved to. Our team worked with law enforcement in Canada and we were able to obtain an order against the end point, successfully recovering the lost funds for the client. 

If you have lost money trading and are interested in cryptocurrency scam recovery, get in touch with the team at WRS today and we can start recovering your trading losses.