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We work tirelessly to help our clients regain lost finances and investments and, as a result, our work has featured in some of the industry’s leading publications. Some of our news features are below. Click each snippet to read the respective article in full.

  • High Street Group – Fake Administrators Scam

    Failed property investments are often used by scammers and taken advantage of. Scammers market themselves to the victim as being an alternative investment or come with the offer of guaranteed returns or buy back arrangements from previous investments. One of the names we’re hearing more about is High Street Group – a property firm which…

  • Why Romance Scam Tactics Are Changing: Make Yourself Aware Of The Signs

    In the digital age, the risks and threats have evolved with it, including romance scam tactics, are no exception. The internet has become a breeding ground for romance scammers to take full advantage of those who are online with good intentions.  At WRS, we understand that being scammed by an individual who you have built…

  • Looking Into Mercatox Scams: Have You Been Affected?

    The cryptocurrency landscape has been a common place for phishing scams and complex fraud issues. Unfortunately, more and more traders are falling victim to these trading scams and losing money as a result. Mercatox scams are becoming one of the more popular cryptocurrency scams with many investors losing funds through correspondence and brokers on the…

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Frequently asked questions

At Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we deal with a wide range of trading and investment losses and queries and have recovered millions of pounds for our clients so far. Our team is highly experienced in resolving trading scams, but we understand that when you’re in the process of making trades and investments, you’ll naturally have some questions. We want to help you learn about trading and here, we take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions that investors may have.

What is Cryptocurrency?+

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital or virtual currency, which is secured with cryptography to make trusted transactions. Cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology which then functions as a ledger for the transactions which have been made. There are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies in circulation, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Each form of cryptocurrency is designed by an individual and it is usually meant to run on a decentralised system, meaning that no one entity can control it. Cryptocurrency is an unregulated platform and, although this can bring trading rewards for some investors, it does also involve risk. Cryptocurrency scams are very common, so it is important to learn more about the processes involved before investing money.

What does a cryptocurrency broker do?+

A cryptocurrency broker enables you to buy and sell cryptocurrency with an extra level of protection. Without a broker, you may not be making safe trades and investments. Using a cryptocurrency broker can also be a way in which you can avoid falling victim to trading scams.

How do I know a broker is regulated?+

In order to ensure that your trades are protected, then it is important that you use a regulated trading broker. In order to ensure that a broker is regulated, then you should start by determining the broker’s name and country of operation. If you are looking for a UK broker, then they must be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Can you lose investments to a regulated broker?+

Yes, you can unfortunately lose your funds and investments by trading through some regulated brokers. When it comes to making trades and investments, most brokers will be confident and have experience in making the trades they recommend. 

However, unreputable or inexperienced brokers who act on their client’s behalf and have been asked to make trades they have been instructed to will make their own decisions on what to invest in. This is done in the belief that the risk will pay off and they can benefit from the extra returns. This approach though can often have the opposite effect and, in most cases, the client’s money will be lost. 

Another way in which investments can be lost when using a regulated broker is through simply not being experienced enough to make trades on behalf of a client. Instead of making trades using a tried and tested strategy, they will instead trade on their instincts.

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