Tenant Eviction Services

Here at Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we assist landlords with our tenant eviction services with the most informative and professional approach possible. We understand the strain that is placed on landlords when they have lost patience with troublesome tenants who are causing problems within their rental properties. Our expertise in dealing with tenant evictions in collaboration with landlords is exactly why so many trust us for our tenant eviction services. 

Peace of mind is what all landlords hope for, but nuisance tenants often disrupt this peace by not paying rent, or causing damage to their properties. Assuming landlords have sufficient reasoning and evidence for wanting to evict tenants, they will be able to begin the process as part of their rights as landlords.

Tenant evictions can be a long process, which is why struggling landlords must seek professional tenant eviction services from trusted practices. Wealth recovery Solicitors’ bespoke and effective landlord legal advice is designed to seamlessly guide landlords through their evictions, and get them out of such problems before any more develop.

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When Are Tenant Eviction Services Necessary?

Tenant eviction services are necessary when landlords seek a legally correct route towards removing tenants from their properties. Whilst some landlords manage to efficiently remove unwanted tenants from their properties through simple communication, many other landlords will also face difficulty asking tenants to leave when they are causing disruption or they are not paying their rent. 

Landlords should also keep in mind that tenants have specific rights, which can prevent landlords from forcing their tenants out of the property themselves. Acting in alignment with the law will present landlords with the best chances to evict their tenants using tenant eviction services.

The Process Of Tenant Eviction 

The process of tenant eviction can be a lengthy one if landlords do not adhere to the required measures. Here at Wealth Recovery Solicitors, we will be able to closely guide you through our tenant eviction services, and ensure our landlords stay protected during the intricate process. 

First and foremost, the tenant must be served a written eviction notice. This would either be a section 21 or a section 8 notice, but we can advise which would be best depending on the circumstance. After this has been sent, the tenant must vacate the property by the specified date which should generally be two months’ notice for tenants to leave. If they do not, we will issue court proceedings and obtain a court order for possession of the property by a certain date. In most cases, the landlord must have a court order to obtain possession according to the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.

Why Seek Wealth Recovery Tenant Eviction Services 

Tenant eviction services at Wealth Recovery Solicitors offer frustrated landlords the opportunity to gain back their properties hassle-free, and without sacrificing any more of their precious time. Navigating the eviction process alone and without experience can put landlords in a worse position than what they started in. The specialist skills and expertise can be passed over from our team, offering expert landlord legal advice through the process of our tenant eviction services. We pride ourselves on results, and we strive for our advice to be tailored to each landlord’s individual needs.

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