Thanks once again WRS and team!

Of course after being scammed I was so reluctant for this to happen again, this is a legitimate Law firm that are properly regulated and are absolute experts in the field of recovering lost funds in the investment realm. The whole team was professional and led by a very polite and innovative Josh Chinn. Thanks once again WRS and team.

Kim Henry

Very Responsive & Very Effective

On the very same day that I reached out to these guys on their website, Joshua contacted me not only by email but also by phone. He was patient and let me explain the entire nightmare of how I started investing with a known trading firm and ended up losing just about every pound I had. I’m talking about a life changing loss! I decided to take their help and all I can say is that I have My money back in MY account!!


Couldn’t Recommend Josh and his Team Enough

Josh and his team were great, highly professional easy to approach and managed to help me recover a lot of money. couldn’t recommend him and his team enough. I had clear and honest communication no fluff i understood everything.


Met Josh at his headquarters in Marple…

Met Josh at his headquarters in Marple near Manchester. Naturally I was very wary, having the traded with a CFD company and a trade education company. Saw an advert on fb, and called on a whim. Was pleasantly surprised when I was advised I would be able to recover equity. I was naturally sceptical, and was convinced after a few months of putting it off, to pay the retainer.

The process started and heard very little from solicitors or trading platform. As we got to 60 days the offers started coming through and got higher and higher. The solicitors got more and involved, and through there skill and judgment got me back 50k. Many hours of sleepless nights and worry about whether I have made the right choice to pay the solicitors but I didn’t need to worry. CFDs and the charges the trade platforms make trading impossible. And they know it. The pressure when money is at stake makes you make very bad decisions in otherwise conservative ppl.

I can’t thank Josh enough. We had a good outcome and was always honest with me. Now that I don’t trade I can see my errors very clearly. The one good choice I made was to instruct Josh and his team.

Paul Sam

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Highly recommended and very…

Highly recommended and very professional service!

Harvey Ubhi

Wealth Recovery Solicitors were amazing. Use them. You will not regret doing so.

Wealth Recovery Solicitors have won a fight that could not have hoped to win. I naively started trading with a forex company in the hope that I would make more money to help towards my retirement. It is a long story and involves an unscrupulously forex company with charming brokers who were able, in only a few short months get me to invest over £100,000. By the end of it I was lucky to walk away with £4000.

I was introduced to WRE now Wealth Recovery Solicitors. I worked with expert people who guided me through the illegal practices of this forex company. Together they increased the pressure on the forex company and very soon they made an offer of a refund. This was a fraction of the money I had lost but the solicitors guided me to apply more pressure and the refund offer started to increase. At the fifth offer and fighting this for 6 months I accepted a refund of £80,000. I originally thought I had lost every penny.

This amazing company Wealth Recovery Solicitors will be upfront and honest with you from the start. At no time did anyone raise my expectations that I would recover all of the money I had lost. If you have been a fool like me and you have lost money to these smooth talking scam forex companies then contact Wealth Recovery Solicitors. They did everything they could to help me recover a sizeable amount of the money I lost. It would be easier to look for safer investment opportunities than forex high risk companies. I know there are more people out there like me.

Read this review. It is an accurate account of my dealings with this amazing Company Wealth Recovery Solicitors. You should fight for the money that has been scammed from you. If anyone can get some or possibly all of you money back these guys can. I want to thank all of the individuals that I worked with, especially Paul and Josh. You were the best. Thank you.

Michael Deehan

They were very helpful and I recommend…

They were very helpful and I recommend others please!!

Peter Mwangi


I came across Wealth Recovery Solicitors through Trust Pilot after being scammed by Tradeo for investing large amounts unwisely in the risky CFD market. WRS provided speedy and practical support leading to a recovery of almost 60% of my loss.

Although this figure was obviously reduced by WRS’s fees, my net recovery was still very worthwhile and more rapid than I expected. Congratulations to Joss, Wayne and their colleagues. Peter.

Peter Hill